About Us

Welcome to TangledTales Books!

We are TangledTales Books, a motivated publishing company specializing in Knot Tying and Rope Works. Our areas of expertise include sailing, fishing, decorative, climbing, macramè, and surgical to name just a few. 

Our journey began because we saw the growing need for people looking to improve their knot tying skills in the already mentioned areas. We realized that we wanted to contribute and share with our customers the best and high value focused books and products available to serve these growing needs.

We started as a small business in early 2022 and we continue growing and learning to offer you what you deserve. The success and happiness of our customers is our top priority! 

With over 20 different books spreading across 10 different topics across our library, you're sure to find something that interests you. 

You can check out our books here.