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TangledTales Double Braid Nylon Rope (3' ft Blue & 3' ft White)

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Get now the possibility to start practicing what you are learning from us! 

While very popular in marine and boat use for dock and mooring lines, customers also choose double braid nylon for a variety of other uses:

  • Horse halters and reins
  • Pulley systems (the smooth finish allows for easy operation)
  • Hanging bird feeders
  • Dog leashes
  • Drape tie-backs
  • Flag poles
  • Decorative applications

The TangledTales Double Braid Nylon Ropes measure 3 feet in length each (3' Blue & 3' White) with the purpose of providing our customers with the highest-quality ropes for practicing the knots we teach. 


100% Top Quality Plastic


What you will get:

1/2' Double Braid or Three-Strand Blue Rope End

1/2' Double Braid or Three-Strand White Rope End

Collapsible row

It might happen that after some practice the rope starts to unravel, and this is not a problem anymore with our TangledTales Rope Ends!

These finish off the ends of rope with a plastic cap and keeps your rope from unraveling.

Easy to install and use, they make a fine addition to many ropes.

These rope ends are the answer to anyone who is looking for a nice way to keep rope ends from unraveling.

All you need to do is cleanly cut the end of the rope and simply twist the cap on.

Then, use the enclosed stainless steel screw to tighten it down on the end.